Designing Creations

Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

Denim Gored Skirt

introducing my sewing assistant: Phoebe

Pattern Description: Self Drafted 8 Gored Skirt

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Since I’ve made this pattern once before I used the same pattern. What I didn’t like was that I forgot to account for the thickness and heaviness of the fabric for the second skirt so the skirt is really tight in the hips.

Fabric Used: Medium-Heavy weight blue denim

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: It was actually DH’s idea to make the skirt wrong side out. I sewed the wrong sides together so that it would unravel on the right side of the skirt. All seams including the hem were topstitched to control were the unraveling would stop. I also sewed the waistband on the wrong side together so that selvedge edge is actually on the outside of the skirt instead of the inside. The end resulted in a reversible skirt that will be worn again in a couple of weeks as if it were new. I will just sew a piece of fabric hiding the zipper.

Would you sew it again? After I make draw another pattern accounting for ease in a heavier fabric, yes.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes

Conclusion: The total time it took to make this skirt including washing, drying, ironing, cutting & sewing was 7 hours to make this skirt last Saturday to wear to a family function that night. (9am – 4pm, function started at 6pm) This was only because of the extra things that was done like the topstitching and putting the seams on the outside of the skirt. My recommendations is to pin a few pieces together to get yourself used to the idea of sewing wrong sides together. Drafting the skirt takes around 45 minutes, that’s the skirt piece, waistband, godet and adding hem and seam allowances. To determine the length of the godet, decide where on your body you would like for your skirt to begin to flare. In my case I choose at the knee. Use a yard skirt and measure from your knee to the floor you have y measurement. You’ll need to add the hem allowance on the bottom of this piece.


Pullover and a Skirt

Here is one of the pullovers that I made last year with this one.
The skirt I made a couple of weeks ago. This is an 8 gored skirt that I drafted with godets. I drafted the skirt for floor length and designed the godets to start knee length (20 ins).
The pullover is made of a charcoal knit & the skirt is made with a black denim, very lightweight. So I can get away with wearing denim and it’s not even Friday.
A huge shout out to my co-worker for taking the second pic of me in the ladies restroom.

Finished Projects from the Summer of 2007

I just wanted to post some pics that I found and I didn’t know that I still had.

1st here is a lime green skirt that I drafted from PMBv3. This is a flared gored skirt, the flare is set on the highest setting (8). It also has a waistband. This skirt was also done in black. I’ll try and get some pics of that one since I’m wearing the black one today. In this pic hubby and I are celebrating his 34th birthday. So I’m rushing because we have reservations and I didn’t remember about taking pics until we were about to leave and it was either now or when we got back home and the pretty lime green skirt would have been wrinkled, and boy do I hate being wrinkled!

2nd here is a pic of a skirt that was also done in PMBv3. This skirt is gored with no flare and godets have been added. The godets are in two lengths. The shorter ones are in the front and longer ones are in the back. Note to self: Next time put the longer godets in the front and the shorter ones in the back so that my C-Curve is not as obvious. I know there is no hiding it but GEE just wait until you see the pics from the backview. Also this skirt is not worn in these pics so I’ll also snap this one as well. Also check out the details that I did to the hem! I’m so proud! These are just regular stitches that I found on the machine. I used silk thread so that they would shine. I cut the remaining part of the off as close as i could to the last stitch. I didn’t put any frayblock on it because this is a denim fabric and i wanted it fray very nice and it does. This one was was also done in hunter green (my favorite) and a light tan (lighter than khaki) that has the prettiest drape. I’ll try and get pics of these as well since Hubby bought a tripod, so now I can take pics of myself and not have to wait until Mr. Demille (Sunset Blvd) is up to it.