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Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

A lookbook… cause that’s all the time that i have to do is just LOOK

I’m being lazy because they are many more that I would love to post.  School has completely consumed me!  I just wish I could see the end in my future.

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Still Daydreaming

I thought that i would have been able to sew something this weekend but exercising can really take a lot of out of your.  Hubby and I walked 4 miles Saturday morning and I was beat down the rest of the weekend.

Now I’m just daydreaming over my favs from the new Burdastyle May 2011 issue. They have a few things that have struck my interest.  Right now i’m all about: quick, simple, and cute fashions

I’ve chosen about six different styles that i love right now

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A few things in mind that I’d like to sew sometime soon.  I should make a plan but I do have others goals that are much bigger so right now I’m day dreaming….

The first photo is from Burdastyle April 2011 #132

The next photo is also from Burdastyle April 2011 #123 for the skirt and #122 for the blouse.

I love both pieces, don’t like the shoes in the photo but hey who says she does either, lol!

This outfit is from Burdaystyle March 2011.  The shirt is #138 and the skirt #144.

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Burda 7501

This dress was very easy. Considering it took me two weeks to finish.
I used a canary yellow knit from the last year’s Vera Wang Lavendar Collection.

the neckline treatment was a last minute idea. It really added some extra pop to the dress.
I chose view C. I didn’t do the gathered sleeve. I also did add a ribbon belt. I used my own belt.

I would recommend this dress to others because it’s so easy however, the directions made it seem more difficult that it really was. After a while I stopped looking at the directions.


TNT – BWOF 09/2006 #115

Here are the two dresses that caused me loose my focus on my current plan.
I love this pattern! You can literally make this dress in one day, 4 hours tops!

Dress #1 in a purple knit from’s recent sale.

I didn’t use the facing or collar. I topstitched with a tri color thread.

Here is the thread I used for topstitching.

Dress #2 in a bizarre knit print. Purchased from a discount fabric store a few years ago. Made a Burda top out of it the first time and still had enough for this dress with 1 yd left.

armhole zig zag stitched

a close-up of the bizarre print. I love the colors in it which is why i bought it.

I’m done tracing and right now I’m cutting out the patterns and organizing to prepare for the next step. After that I’m going to press the pre-washed fabric and wash the rest.


BWOF 06/2008 # 107A/B

I currently joined a sew-along with the Burda English group.
I started on it late because i got my issue late and i had other things going on (who doesn’t).
So here is the blouse that we are doing. It’s due before the next issue. I can’t say with all that I have going on right now that I’ll be done by then again but who’s keeping count. I’m trying to learn how to play around with PhotoShop or something close to it. So that I can make my wardrobe plans as pretty as some of these other women out there that know a thing or two about it.

I love these two features that BWOF have.
I will be posting pics of the muslin soon. I have also played around with the idea of doing buttonholes instead of snaps. I’ll have some detailed photos of that. Also I’m going to try Sigrid’s suggestion about the sleeve head. And do an adjustment to the sleeve because it’s tight around the bicep.