Designing Creations

Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

Happy 2010!

I am very excited about this year. Starting the winter quarter for school tonight. Also excited about the sewing ventures for this year.

2009 in review:
Tops – 6
Dresses – 18
Skirts – 3
Xmas Gifts – 16 shaving kits
34 scarves

I’m sure you can tell what is my favorite thing to make. Dresses are extremely easy to make but pants will be a huge focus this year.


Happy New Years Day Everybody!

I decided to make a list this year, I like to call it my “Plans of Action”. One for personal and one for my sewing goals.
I’m not going to bore you with all the details but here a few from both lists.

1. Listen more / Speak less
2. Stop putting too much thought into things

1. Sew a wardrobe (either mini or large)
2. Sew more (using more of my current stash of fabrics and patterns
3. Complete more projects
4. Buy fewer patterns this year

So I just need to decide which of my projects that I’ve been wanting to do is more important than the next.

Leaving you guys with a positive thought for the day:
Until today, you have been waiting for someone to tell you something or give you something that would make you feel okay. Just for today, give yourself permission to be okay with yourself. Accept that who you are and where you are – is just right! – Iyanla Vanzant

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous year!
Until next time!