Designing Creations

Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

A Great Weekend and Lots of Pics

Here is the Midriff Dress from PMB. As you can see I am wearing a tank top underneath. The reason for this is because I drafted the neckline too low! So today I’m fixing that issue and making a new dress. I will wear this one again but will have to wear a tank on underneath.
Also when I fix this issue I’m going to go with a scoop neckline because for some reason I have the hardest time sewing V-necklines. As much as I love them I just can’t seem to get it right without having puckers. Back to the old drawing board on that one.

Front View

Back View

At the graduation wearing a short sleeved blouse on top

We are are so proud of her

Closing out with pictures from the wedding that Hubby was in earlier this month in NC.
We had a friend take some pics, too bad you can’t see the fly shoes I wearing (4inches high).

My next project is the same dress again except with a scoop neckline in a brown and cream knit print.