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Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

Update before posting pics.

The Vogue and Simplicity dresses are both sewn. So I’ve been really busy lately.
So when I do post pics the post will be pic heavy because I will have 6 dresses to post and review. Since I’m in sewing mode I’ve already started on Vogue 1027.
I cut it out last night and will sew it tonight to wear to work tomorrow, my last day of the week since we will be getting on the road for the wedding on Friday.


I have been sewing!

I have been sewing. I just have not had any time to stop and take pictures.
I will try to do that soon.

Last month I made a blouse BWOF 10/2008 #113, this blouse was made out of a poly striped fabric.
Last week for Easter Sunday I made a dress from Knipmode Fast Fashion Magazine, this fabric was a cotton jersey print lime, black, white & yellow.
Also last week I made two TNT dresses both sleeveless BWOF 09/2006 #115, one was made out of a pea green knit and the other denim.

This week I’m working on two dresses for a wedding next week that hubby is in. One is for the not so formal rehearsal dinner and then the other is for the wedding.
Help me choose which one to wear for which night
Vogue 8489 view B I was planning on sewing this one in a soft yellow with the midrift in brown or black.
Simplicity 3503 Views A or B this one would just be black.
I don’t have time to make muslins. I have plenty of the yellow to start all over again but not enough of the black. And if a problem arises then i will have to go with another color for the Simplicity pattern.
This wedding is going to be outside so i’m making a cotton slip for underneath to keep my embarrassing problem a secret to those who don’t know.
I really hope to get some pics up soon. The wedding is on May 2nd and we are pulling out the second I’m home from the salon on Friday morning. So I really would like to have all my sewing done by this weekend because both dresses are going to be sewn anyway but at least to not have a stressful next week before we get on the road.

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