Designing Creations

Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

Class Project

We had two projects that were due in class. One was the tote bag and the other was a skirt. For class we could choose a straight skirt or an A-line skirt, as long as they both had front and back darts and a seam for the center back. For my pattern I chose Simplicity 4401.

I have to say that I learned a lot of things in this class. A few NEW ways of doing things differently never hurt anyone in my opinion. My instructor was an absolute dream to work with.

I have to apologize in advance because my pics are not great. The sun was bright and I was using an amateur photographer for the day. Maybe I’ll do more photo tweaking later.

I am wearing with the skirt the cardigan that I made last year Simplicity 2603.
I removed the sleeves because something happened to them in the wash and the color wouldn’t come out! So I turned into a vest and wore it a long sleeve T-shirt that day. You almost didn’t notice that they were two separate pieces.

I will take better pics of the skirt another day.


It’s still sewing even if it is for school right?

Looking over the course syllabus before the quarter started left me a bit wary. Our first class project was a tote bag. I’m thinking OK….. seriously? Then I had to remember that this class was for those who didn’t know how to sew. So then my next thought was to test out of the class. Well I drug my feet on doing that and came to conclusion that there was nothing wrong with getting an easy A. So we’re in week 8 right now of a 10 week quarter and the tote bag is done and we are working on a skirt. I have to say that learning the technical names of the machines parts is a whole lot better than calling them “thingies”, LOL! I liked the tote bag so much i made one at home.

This project gave me the idea of what I was going to do for Christmas gifts this year. I bought around 30 yards of twill fabric. I’ll need a 1 yard for each bag. this includes a lining for the bag.
I have already pretreated the fabric and separated them into the sizes that I’ll need for each bag. I have straightened the grain of the fabric pieces to ensure they are properly aligned. And they are folded neatly waiting to be sewn for Christmas. I am making these for the ladies in my family. They younger ladies will have a smaller bag. Everyone will have they initials on the bag. Still haven’t decided if i’m purchasing the iron-on letters or using stencils and fabric paint.


School is going great!

I am really enjoying school. I am currently taking Fashion History and Intro to Fashion. Not sure whose idea this was but taking these two classes together is awesome. They really coincide with each other. No sewing still. I actually had a weekend (a couple weeks ago) to sew because I finished all my homework early. Well I blew it on the couch watching TV. So there! I was tired though and was trying to recoup from all the reading and homework. This week is mid-terms and I have one down and one more to go. I am enrolling for the summer break. I’ll just be taking one class, Algebra, and hopefully I’ll have time to sew.

I can’t help but look at all the wonderful things that all my cyber friends are doing on their blogs. I am following you guys, just quietly. I have tons of things that I desire to sew but as soon as I can get my new room straightened out and my old cleaned out, I’ll be ready.

Keep up the good work everyone! I’m still here.