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Three More Dresses!!

The gold strapless dress was a success. I got tons of compliments. I hemmed it on Friday night and it didn’t look right when I pressed it. So on Saturday morning I serged the hem and removed the stitched hem leaving the edges with the serged stitching.

I’m ashamed to say that I could have made these two dresses a long time ago. These two are made of fabric from cotton and preruched at the top. All you do is select the right fit by pinning it on and then sew it up, and that’s it!

Here is the second dress made from this pattern except I changed the neckline to scoop from the original v-neck version.

Next up I’m deciding between three dresses from Knipmode’s May 2008, April 2009 & June 2009. We’ll see!


And It’s almost Done!!

All I have to do now is hang it and hem it tomorrow.
Also I cut the skirt in quarters, it was much quicker. There is elastic in the bodice top which I also lined.

here with a belt, I’m wearing gold sandals to match


Graduation Dress Mock

Here is the mock-up of the dress for this weekend. I love how it turned out! I love this fabric but it’s initially made for athletic wear (cotton lycra) and it has a yellow line going down the front & back. Not too flattering IMO. I’ll wear this around the house and maybe for food shopping & etc with some cute flip flops. The skirt is a circle skirt and since the fabric that I was using is around 180″ wide I had no problem cutting the half circle on the fold and having the seams on each side. In order to make this in regular fabric I may have to slash the pattern and cut in quarters and have seams in the front, back & sides (not my favorite), either that or spread the fabric on the floor and cut it that way (back won’t allow it). We’ll see and I will be pondering on this tonight and while I’m at work all day and will have made my decision by the time it get back home. Until then folks have a great night! Thanks mom for taking the pics!

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Another Graduation Dress

Hubby is graduating this weekend and here is a dress that I’m making this week.
This dress is actually going to be strapless. I’m going to secure the top with a piece of elastic that I will conceal into the top facing of the bodice. The skirt is a circle skirt, a little longer than knee length. Now I need to think about a crop jacket or bolero to make for it so that I can dress it down for work next week. I have a white knit that has brown & green circles or squares (or something going on it) that will be very cute with this style. I will post pictures when this is done and I will also post pictures of another dress that I made last week when I was on holiday break.
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A Great Weekend and Lots of Pics

Here is the Midriff Dress from PMB. As you can see I am wearing a tank top underneath. The reason for this is because I drafted the neckline too low! So today I’m fixing that issue and making a new dress. I will wear this one again but will have to wear a tank on underneath.
Also when I fix this issue I’m going to go with a scoop neckline because for some reason I have the hardest time sewing V-necklines. As much as I love them I just can’t seem to get it right without having puckers. Back to the old drawing board on that one.

Front View

Back View

At the graduation wearing a short sleeved blouse on top

We are are so proud of her

Closing out with pictures from the wedding that Hubby was in earlier this month in NC.
We had a friend take some pics, too bad you can’t see the fly shoes I wearing (4inches high).

My next project is the same dress again except with a scoop neckline in a brown and cream knit print.


Dress plans

I’m not going to make the McCalls dress for this occasion. After thinking about it long and hard I’m going to need something that’s going be comfortable and breathable. The graduation is outside at a stadium.
Last night I used my PMB software to draft a simple v-neck midriff dress, maxi length.
I printed the pattern out and taped it together while watching the basketball game and cut it out.
Tonight I will test out the fit and fabric choices. I have a few to choose from.
Sorry I couldn’t make the pictures any bigger. Since I’m planning on using a knit fabric there will not be a zipper closing in the back just a seam.

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Pullover and a Skirt

Here is one of the pullovers that I made last year with this one.
The skirt I made a couple of weeks ago. This is an 8 gored skirt that I drafted with godets. I drafted the skirt for floor length and designed the godets to start knee length (20 ins).
The pullover is made of a charcoal knit & the skirt is made with a black denim, very lightweight. So I can get away with wearing denim and it’s not even Friday.
A huge shout out to my co-worker for taking the second pic of me in the ladies restroom.

Two dresses and a top

I love wrap dresses! Too much I believe. It’s the essential item for the “on the go” woman.
Here are two dresses made from the same pattern. Sorry these are not on me but the next ones will be as they didn’t look very nice on the dress form.
The pattern that was used was BWOF 09/2006 # 115 (using #114’s collar).
This pattern was easy to sew & serge, no darts and fits like a dream. It’s a TNT, must sew over and over and over and over again pattern!
The tan & black herringbone dress is a very fine knit and was very easy to sew on the sewing machine. This fabric does not wrinkle (so wonderful). It’s very breathable. Now I must say that I wear a camisole, tank & on Monday and shirt underneath this dress because Burda is not modest with the neckline hear. So if you’re wearing this to work cover up! Or there will be a major peep show! As me how i know!

I like to call this one my sacadelic funkalicious dress. For some reason this fabric reminds me of the 70s. Not sure why but it does. I love this one as well it barely wrinkles. I got this fabric from Vogue fabrics last March 2007 and wasn’t sure of what to make of this fabric. I contemplated on it for over a year. When I decided on this dress I kept asking my mom if I should use a contrasting color to tone it down and she said no and I’m glad that I didn’t.

This one I sewed on the serger after reading a Threads article (summer 2008) on how to sew with a serger. The article is good and is left out on my table for future references.

I love this top. I made this top using PMB4. It’s a cowl neck (which i love, and you’ll be sick of from me by the end of the week) with dropped shoulders and flared sleeves. The style has a flared waist as well which I’ll omit the next time I’m making it because it gave it a maternity look. It’s very warm. I used a sweater knit but it pills really bad on both sides. Won’t use the fabric again (‘m sure I’m out by now I have something else to post later with this fabric) but will definitely make it again. This fabric wrinkles (right out of the dryer) really bad as you can see.

More to come!

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Finished Projects from the Summer of 2007

I just wanted to post some pics that I found and I didn’t know that I still had.

1st here is a lime green skirt that I drafted from PMBv3. This is a flared gored skirt, the flare is set on the highest setting (8). It also has a waistband. This skirt was also done in black. I’ll try and get some pics of that one since I’m wearing the black one today. In this pic hubby and I are celebrating his 34th birthday. So I’m rushing because we have reservations and I didn’t remember about taking pics until we were about to leave and it was either now or when we got back home and the pretty lime green skirt would have been wrinkled, and boy do I hate being wrinkled!

2nd here is a pic of a skirt that was also done in PMBv3. This skirt is gored with no flare and godets have been added. The godets are in two lengths. The shorter ones are in the front and longer ones are in the back. Note to self: Next time put the longer godets in the front and the shorter ones in the back so that my C-Curve is not as obvious. I know there is no hiding it but GEE just wait until you see the pics from the backview. Also this skirt is not worn in these pics so I’ll also snap this one as well. Also check out the details that I did to the hem! I’m so proud! These are just regular stitches that I found on the machine. I used silk thread so that they would shine. I cut the remaining part of the off as close as i could to the last stitch. I didn’t put any frayblock on it because this is a denim fabric and i wanted it fray very nice and it does. This one was was also done in hunter green (my favorite) and a light tan (lighter than khaki) that has the prettiest drape. I’ll try and get pics of these as well since Hubby bought a tripod, so now I can take pics of myself and not have to wait until Mr. Demille (Sunset Blvd) is up to it.


The Prom Dress

Here are the pics of the infamous prom dress. I took pics of her in and out of the dress. This dress was made in PMB4. I used the the halter dress with the mid-drift design and made straps to criss-cross in the back, the skirt is A-line and floor length. The dress was made in white crepe and the mid-drift section is made of lime green satin.

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