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Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics

Here is where I spent my last day @ Stone Mountain & Daughter in Berkeley, CA.

Here I’ve purchased a pre-ruched piece of fabric that all I need to do is stretch to my size and then sew the one seam. Since I’ve made a couple of these before I’m going to make staps to ensure that it stays up. It can be annoying constantly pulling on the dress during the day.

Another pre-ruched piece of fabric. More of a tie-dyed look.

The three pieces below are some really nice cottons that I scooped up!

This one is an unusual eyelet fabric. close up

here is a beautiful eyelet fabric

close up a very sheer cotton with come wacky designs

I also bought a double tracing wheel and a Making Trousers for Men & Women its David Page Coffin.

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BWOF 07-2009-124B

So I got a tan!!
Here is the dress that I was too embarrassed to wear. It’s came out very nice but I don’t like how it looks on me. Since it doesn’t flare at the bottom it makes my hips and butt look larger than they are, lol! Another reason I didn’t wear it in San Fran was because it was too windy and cold for it. I wear try to find somewhere to wear it to, maybe to the EnVogue concert next weekend @ Chastain… although I would to have a nice pair of shorts for the concert since it’s outside.

back I used Tany’s idea for the back because it did sit too low for me.


We are back!

We arrived back in Atlanta on Sunday at 4:30am EST! I know right, redder than red-eye!
I will be posting pics today just have to get them from hubby’s laptop to mine. I only got around to making BWOF 07-2009 124B & the Simplicity cardigan, that I love so much and will be making another very soon. I feel like I’m leaving something out! Oh well maybe I’ll remember when I’m posting this evening.

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Quick sewing update before vacay!

Hi All,
Just wanted to let you all know that have sewing my butt off for my vacation this coming weekend.
So far I’ve made Simplicity 2603 in a cream lightweight knit, the cardigan and the tank. I’m currently sewing BWOF 07-2009 124B in a fushica and white knit and next up is BWOF 07-2009 124A in a white with purple print knit and after that is Simplicity 2579 View C in a pink and white poly blend. This past weekend I was trying to make a pair of shorts an OOP Butterick pattern and I’m having too many fitting issues to where I may not make them at all. I’m also going to see if I have some time to make another Simplicity 2603 in a moss green knit.

All pictures will taken in sunny (and maybe windy) California, will try and post them as I take them but hey I’ll be on vacay so no promises!

Until next time!

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We are back!

And boy am I tired!
We went to Hubby’s hometown this past weekend and we got back last night.
There was no sewing go on this weekend. We drove across on Thursday night and got there Friday morning. We stayed with family and had a ball!
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