Designing Creations

Admin during the day, student in the evening, and a procrastinating sewer/designer the rest of the time.

Pullover and a Skirt

Here is one of the pullovers that I made last year with this one.
The skirt I made a couple of weeks ago. This is an 8 gored skirt that I drafted with godets. I drafted the skirt for floor length and designed the godets to start knee length (20 ins).
The pullover is made of a charcoal knit & the skirt is made with a black denim, very lightweight. So I can get away with wearing denim and it’s not even Friday.
A huge shout out to my co-worker for taking the second pic of me in the ladies restroom.

Pullover Mania!

So I got carried away with the pullovers that I made last year. It’s Butterick 5100.
Originally I made the blue sweatshirt version linked above along with a dark grey & a navy blue. I never got around to taking pictures of the other. Just kept forgetting whenever I’d wear them. Well needless to say I’ve made four more all the tunic length. I really wish I could have taken pics of them on the days that I wore them but the camera and the tripod weren’t home at the time. So I took them all this morning wearing a pair of jeans. But I’ll describe what I wore with them to give you an idea. I sewed them all this week one for the next day to wear to work.

I made this fleece backed knit on Sunday night for Monday morning.
With this I wore a brown turtleneck & brown pants that I made in PMB3.

Then Monday night I made this beautiful Ivory knit. I bought this later at a discount fabric store and it was on sale. It’s from the Liz Claiborne collection. I wore this with a black long sleeved v-neck t-shirt and a pair of black pants that I made from PMB3.

On Tuesday night I made a brown knit pullover and wore it with a olive boatneck long sleeve t-shirt and a a-line skirt that I made in PMB4.

Then on Wednesday night I made a black pullover in knit but this time I left off the collar and finished the neckline with facing. I wore this with a grey long sleeve v-neck t-shirt and some grey w/black pinstripe pants from Express.

I got lots of compliments on tunics but I received more compliments from the ivory & the black pullovers. More so from the black because it didn’t look like the rest of them. Anyway I think that I’m done for now unless I can find another color I may want. Moving on to something else right now just not sure what yet.


Blue Tunic

This is a pullover sleeveless tunic from Butterick’s last fall/winter season.
It’s B5100, it comes in 3 sizes.
I made version A. I made three different colors, sweatshirt blue, navy blue & dark grey.
They are great to wear and they are versatile and easy to mix and match with jeans for slacks.