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I know I should be ashamed! it’s been a long while….

on November 10, 2011

Nothing and a lot has happened since my last post earlier this year.  As i posted back in April I wanted to have my room redone.  We started the renovation of the room by packing and moving furniture.

Here is a picture of  the room once it emptied out, the site of a photo before it was emptied out would have been too horrifying, lol!

As you can see from the photos above, the walls are gray with a yellow stripe going across the top (not my idea).  This was my husband’s office and i just moved right in without doing any painting of any kind.


Now here are picture after we’ve painted the walls, taken down the blinds and pulled the carpet.  The floor still has the padding on it from under the carpet.  Also you can see that I’ve painted the bay window area.

This last photo is the flooring down.  At the time of this photo Hubby was 99% done and I was just so excited that I had to take a photo right away.

So hopefully the shelving will be going up this weekend and i can get started unpacking and also getting Hubby started on the next project which will be building my table.
I’ll post the ideas that I have narrowed down.

Hope to see you soon!



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